09 01 11 What Did Mark Penn Know About Tucson Shooting?

Two months ago Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's former campaign flack, made an outstanding statement while on the TV show Hardball, claiming that Obama would need an event like the Oklahoma City bombing to reconnect with the American people. It never made it into the 'main stream' media but did provide some fodder for the usual left/right blog bickering. With the assassination attempt yesterday on congress critter Giffords (and 19 others, 6 successfully), the conspiracy theorist would definitely say what did Mark Penn know and when did he know it? On the other hand, knowing how bad some of Penn's past analysis has been, we will take a wait and see approach. What will Obama say? And will he get a decisive bounce in the polls out of it? Still, the new Congress should drag Penn's ass up to the Hill and question him on these statements as God only knows if the political affiliations had been reversed the Dems would have him hanging by now.

On another note, we found the media coverage which focused exclusively on Giffords with little if any mention of the 19 others shot, 6 fatally, disturbing. Public officials, from dog catcher to city council member to mayor or higher, all accept the risks that come with their position. The attack on Giffords while sad, is no more so than a cop who has been seriously wounded or a marine caught in an IED attack. What is tragic though is the collateral damage to civilians who were in attendance. But our media is so caught up in celebrity they focused only on the plight of Giffords. Again we see that the elites, be they in media, corporations or government are treated differently than the citizens who make their positions possible. Want another example? From AP
Prosecutors charged Loughner with one count of attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of killing an employee of the federal government and two counts of attempting to killing a federal employee. More charges are expected.
Nice. Once again, the non-govenment dead and wounded are of secondary concern even when it comes to filing the initial charges. The State of Arizona should have been the first to file for crimes against their citizens, not the Feds for the attempt on Gifford and the killing of Judge Roll and Gifford's staffer. Is it any wonder why there is such a backlash against government in general and Washington in particular?

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